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worried about the pillow

I hope I may ask this here.

For the last few weeks my 15 months old *16months on 3-16* has been sleeping in my bed with me and I have been losing sleep.
Every time he is in my bed he always sleeps on the same pillow. If I don't lay him on it right away he will cry.
A friend told me I should put the pillow in the crib with him tonight and I did and he is now asleep. But I still can't sleep cuz I have the pillow in the crib with him! 
So I am asking if it OK that I am doing this? I am worried about so many things that could happen or go wrong.
He sleeps in the same room as me also if anyone is wondering.
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I'm not sure why you're worried about a pillow in your son's bed. What do you think could happen?
At 12 months or so, sleeping with a pillow is generally fine as long as it's not a big one. If you're really concerned about it, you might want to try either just putting the pillow case in the crib with him (it might be the smell that's relaxing him and letting him sleep), or letting him go to sleep with it and then taking the pillow out, if doing so doesn't wake him.